2022 Auskick registrations for Laurimar Football Club must be done online via:


Enter postcode 3754 and select Laurimar as your centre to complete the registration process.

We run training sessions from April to July. Our program is designed for the kids to learn the basic skills of Aussie rules football whilst enabling parents/guardians to be interactive during training. Training programs can be found on our website.

We are currently looking for people (particularly parents with children continuing from previous years who are familiar with the program) to become coaches to assist in the smooth running of training. Please show your interest by contacting us via auskick@laurimarfc.com.au

AusKick Schedule - TBA

Round 1Sat 24th April, 9am-10am
Round 2Sat 1st May, 9am - 10am
Round 3Sat 8th May, 9am - 10am
Round 4Sat 15th May, 9am - 10am
Week OffSat 22nd May
Round 6Sat 29th May, 9am - 10am
Round 7Sat 5th June, 9am - 10am
Week OffSat 12th June
Round 7Fri 18th June, 6pm - 7pm
Round 8Sat 26th June, 9am - 10am
Round 9Sat 3rd July, 9am - 10am
Week OffSat 10th July
Round 10Sat 17th July, 9am - 10am
Round 11Fri 23rd July, 6pm - 7pm
Round 12Sat 31 July, 9am - 10am (Presentation Day)
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