2021-2022 Basketball Registration Info


Thanks so much for hanging in there in what has been an interesting year! You may have either enjoyed the break or are itching to get back into it, either way it's time for the kids to pull on the singlets and get back into the world of junior domestic basketball...

It's been a waiting game for information this year, but finally I have some information to update you with.

Registration fees have been set at $260 for new players & existing players.

For existing players please use the link sent to you by your team manager, this is to register you to the for the Autumn 2022 season.

For new players please contact junior.ops@powerbasketball.com.au to register your interest.

Hazel Glen College has asked us to change our training times so we will now commence from 6pm - 9/9.30 on Monday and Tuesday nights. Once respective team training times are finalised your team manager will let you know.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to sing out.

Junior Players - Autumn 2021-2022 Comp is now closed

Registration is now closed for the 2021-2022 Autumn season. New players are always welcome and encouraged to join our Spring Season 2022.

Please contact Tracey for further information.

Senior Women - Click here to Register

$265 per player for Season 2021

Supers - Click here to Register

$130 per player for Season 2021

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