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Laurimar Football Club was officially accepted into the Northern Football League in December 2010, which was a significant boost for the ever expanding poulation of Doreen and surrounding areas. To have our own football club and work together with and for the local community to make it something to be proud of was the mandate from the start which culminated at the end of the 2013 season with Laurimar Football Cub being voted NFL Junior Club of the year. Since the first bounce ‘the club’ has been a central focus of the community during the cold winter months, and the camaraderie between senior players, junior players, and parents continues off season much to our delight.

In 2014, we have experienced another year of significant growth with the following sides being entered into the competition; ranging from entry level U9’s (inclusive of lower age development teams) through to our oldest age group U14’s participating in 1st Division football. All up we have 12 sides in season 2014, comprising 5 x U9’s, 2 x U10’s, 2 x U11’s, 1 x U12’s and 2 x U14’s. An increase of 4 sides from 2013. We shouldnt forget our SuperRules team consisting of 2 teams (up 1 from 2013) of Over 35’s (these blokes just dont learn, but they love it!).

Really importantly, as it’s the lifeblood of our club going forward is our Auskick program which goes from strength to strength every year. In 2012, just its second year of operation, our Auskick program was incredible with well over 150 boys and girls enjoying their Saturday mornings with us. It was wonderful to see so many young families getting involved with Auskick at the same time as getting to know more members of their community. We would love to grow our AusKick numbers even more this year, so please come on down and get involved in this fantastic community atmosphere. So far with only a couple weeks to go before the start of Auskick, we have approx. 130 odd kids signed up with many more signing up on a daily basis.

On the back of an incredibly successful 2013 season in which we won our first flag (U11’s), won our first U9 tackers day and had all bar 1 of our eligible teams compete in finals, we look forward to an even stronger club in 2014.

Go Power!

To find out how you can register, read the latest issue of our club newsletter, The Power Cable


Laurimar Power Basketball Club was established in on July 2 2012. We are located at the Laurimar Power Sporting Club in Doreen and participate in the Diamond Valley Basketball Association.

We currently cater for juniors from U8-U18 boys and girls as well as men’s, ladies and veteran men.


Alasdair Walker
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Jason Merrit
Vice President
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Andrew Jamieson
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Michael Maloney
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Dave Richards
Senior Football Ops
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John Gomez
Junior Football Ops
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Brett McCormack
Commercial Operations
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Justin Sherman
Head Coach – Senior

James Behan
Assistant Coach – Senior

Paul Tripodi
Coach – Senior Reserves

Chris Menzies
Coach – Under 19

Darren Fox
Coach – Senior Womens


Andrew Dwyer
Coach – Under 9 Boys - Aqua (D1)

Steven Over
Coach – Under 9 Boys - Purple (D2)

Trevor Lambert
Coach – Under 9 Boys - Purple (D3)

Matt Williams
Coach – Under 9 Boys - Yellow (D4)

Michael Maloney
Coach – Under 14 Boys - Black

Mark Mennillo
Coach – Under 9 Boys - Yellow (D5)

Tim Wadeson
Coach – Under 10 Boys - Black

Trent Clark
Coach – Under 10 Boys - Teal

Skot Herni
Coach – Under 10 Girls

Jamie Weston
Coach – Under 11 Boys - Black

Benn Parker
Coach – Under 11 Boys - Teal

Craig Wilson
Coach – Under 12 Boys

Jason Sellman
Coach – Under 12 Girls

Matthew Carmichael
Coach – Under 13 Boys - Black

Shane Stanton
Assistant Coach – Under 13 Boys - Teal

David Picone
Coach – Under 14 Boys - Teal

Troy Murphy
Coach – Under 14 Girls

Matt Glenn
Coach – Under 15 Boys

Shayne Jackson
Coach – Under 16 Boys

Craig Gerke
Coach – Under 18 Girls